Dining Room Manager

Alexandra moved to Vail, from her hometown of Athens, Georgia, on a whim in May 2021, only planning to be here for the summer.  However, the town, people, weather, mountains, and rivers asked her to stay a bit longer, and then just a little bit longer until she finally said, “OK, this is where I live.”  Alexandra loves living in Vail because there is always something to do.  Her favorite activities are skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. 

She loves and studied art, painting, and music at Auburn University in Alabama.  This is also when she got her start in the restaurant industry at The Hound.  Alexandra believes that a great meal can bring people together and her favorite memories are eating and drinking with family and friends while traveling.  After pursuing her studio art passions for a few years, she felt the food and beverage industry calling her back.  When she arrived in Vail, Alexandra took a job but she knew it wasn’t her place.  So she ate and drank her way around the town and ultimately it had to be Mountain Standard. 

Alexandra started as a server, moved into a bar position, and is now a dining room manager.  The culture at Mountain Standard inspires her to continually learn and improve her skills, and the people contribute to her overall happiness here in the Valley.  

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