Chef de Partie

Many chefs have a story of the mind blowing meal that changed their lives and paved the way for their culinary career.  Chef Josh is no different, and it happened for him in middle school.  When he was nineteen years old, he worked for free in a restaurant in Denver washing dishes, helping with prep, and watching the chefs work the line.  Even though he knew this was his calling, he stepped away from cooking and went to nursing school.  After working in the surgical unit for a bit, he knew what he needed to do.  He reconnected with a friend in Vail and staged at Sweet Basil.  He was inexperienced and had been out of the kitchen for a few years so he took a job determined to learn, grow, and prove himself. He was eager and enthusiastic, putting in time at both restaurants, to reach his current position at Mountain Standard.  His dad is a dedicated hard worker and is an inspiration and role model.  Josh has a big personality and makes friends with everyone he comes in contact with.  His interests include video games, movies, and lots of Star Wars, but his favorite way to spend his free time is sharing laughs with friends. He loves living in Vail because it has so much to offer, cozy and relaxing winters with plenty of snowboarding, and beautiful summers with endless outdoor activities.  It just never gets old!

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