Dining Room Manager

The restaurant industry is a unique society that fosters special people.  Here at Mountain Standard, we take pride in our community and celebrate all the different characters in our family, Mike Padrick being one of those uncommon souls.  He started his relationship with our company in 2013 as a mercenary server for a former GM who knew him from their mutual Larkspur Restaurant days.  

He couldn’t help himself and soon became a full-fledged member of the team. In a moment of weakness and general fondness for owner, Matt Morgan, Mike accepted a management position at Mountain Standard.  

He left in 2018 to pursue a life in Santa Barbara, California as a winemaker.  Even though he was not present on our restaurant floor, Mad Lab (Padrick Family Wines) contributed to our cause by producing Mountain Standard wines that are only available in our restaurants.  

Donovan asked Mike back to the MS management team in early 2020.  Mike is a successful leader because of his knowledge and experience, he has “been there and done that!”  He’ll tell you all about it over a glass of whiskey.  Papa P, as he is also known, was born in Indiana, went to Purdue University, had a cool gig as a deckhand on a purse seiner in Alaska, and traveled all over the USA and Europe as a roadie for a punk band; found himself living in Vail only by accident when his car broke down on I-70 as he was passing through town.

As an established server, it was not difficult for him to find a job and make the mountains his home.  Mike balances his work life with skiing, hiking, playing golf, and traveling.

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