Sous Chef

Chef Tim is an East Coast city boy turned resort town explorer.  He was born in New Jersey and spent many years in New York City.  Tim’s cooking career was sparked early at his culinary arts vocational high school with much inspiration from his grandmother who loved to cook for the family and was always in the kitchen. 

Chef’s first restaurant job was in an Italian restaurant prepping. He quickly moved on to bigger and better things because of  his constant desire and determination to improve his skills.  Some of his most notable accomplishments include Bellagio, Las Vegas, Executive Sous Chef at Tertulia in the West Village of Manhattan, and Sous Chef at the River Cafe on the Brooklyn waterfront.  Tim shares a similar story with many Vail residents.  He came to just check it out, and has now made it his home.  When COVID shutdown NYC and boredom took over, Tim decided to try out a resort town in the mountains. 

When he is not cooking, Chef Tim enjoys traveling to new cities and countries to experience their culture and dining scenes.  His free time interests also include snowboarding, hiking, and fishing.

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